What is Mastercard’s In Solidarity Small Business Campaign?

Mastercard In Solidarity aims to support Black-Owned Small Businesses in select cities across the United States. During the campaign, Mastercard is providing eligible Mastercard credit and debit card cardholders with a 20% statement credit on eligible purchases of $20 or more, up to $50 per account for the duration of the campaign. Cardholders in the U.S. and Canada will be automatically enrolled in this campaign and subsequently pay with a Mastercard at an eligible merchant to receive the 20% statement credit.

Which cards are eligible ?

This offer is available for purchases made using a valid Mastercard issued by financial institutions in the U.S. For transactions on debit cards to be eligible, these must be processed as signature and not PIN transactions.

Employees, officers and representatives, and the immediate family members of such employees, officers and representatives (i.e., parent, spouse, siblings, children, grandparents, step parents, step children and step siblings, and their respective spouses, and those living in the same household, whether or not related) of Mastercard International Incorporated, or their affiliated companies, parent companies, subsidiaries, participating promotional partners, advertising and promotion agencies, webmasters and any company involved in the creation, design, execution, production, or fulfillment of the promotion are not eligible to enter. Additionally, individuals who are employed by any local, state, or federal government office or agency, elected officials and individuals listed on the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) List are not eligible to participate

What is a "qualifying transaction" or an "eligible purchase"?

To make a qualifying transaction, you must make a purchase at an eligible merchant using your eligible Mastercard credit or debit card. Your card must be in good standing at the time of purchase to be eligible to receive the statement credit. For each eligible transaction of $20 or more, you will receive a 20% statement credit per transaction up to $50 per account.

Some offers may be subject to certain terms & conditions and may change at any time without notice to you. The offer terms are listed on the website (insolidarity.mastercard.com). Here you can also find a full list of eligible merchants.

Mastercard will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred because of any interaction between you and a merchant with respect to this promotion. Except as set forth herein, all matters, including but not limited to delivery of goods and services, returns, and warranties are solely and strictly between you and the applicable merchants. You acknowledge that Mastercard does not endorse or warrant the merchants that are accessible through the Mastercard site nor the offers that they provide.

The following purchases will not be treated as qualifying transactions (and you will not be awarded the statement credit for these purchases): (i) if you use a PIN when paying with your registered card; (ii) any transaction that is not directly processed or submitted through the Mastercard payment system; (iii) any purchase Mastercard is unable to monitor (including purchases you initiate through identification technology that substitutes for a PIN and transactions made through a payment method such as a digital wallet or a third party payment product where your registered card is a funding source but you do not present your registered card directly to the merchant); and (iv) any transaction where Mastercard is unable to identify the merchant of record.

Where and for how long is this promotion available?

This promotion is available to US and Canada cardholders with eligible credit or debit cards. The program will run in Birmingham, Alabama. The 20% statement credit is scheduled to run from July 7th, 2022, through July 17th, 2022, but without notice to you, may be terminated at any time, or extended indefinitely at Mastercard’s sole discretion. Offer quantities may be limited.

Additional restrictions may apply without notice to you in accordance with Mastercard’s policies.

Can I earn statement credit from online purchases?

Eligible merchants may include physical merchants and online stores. For online purchases, where Mastercard is unable to identify the merchant of record, such purchases will be ineligible for the statement credit.

How is the statement credit processed? Do I need to do anything to make sure it is processed?

Statement credit is processed automatically if you (eligible cardholder) have followed the terms and conditions of the offer. Each statement credit will include an identifier in the description on your card statement to identify the campaign.

Your accounts must be open and in good standing at the time of purchase to receive the statement credit. The statement credit will be awarded to the primary account holder (as determined by the Mastercard account records) on the account accessed by the eligible Mastercard used to make the qualifying purchase.

The statement credit cannot be returned or exchanged for cash and is nontransferable. Missing statement credits or customer service issues must be communicated to the financial institution through which the card has been issued. This communication must happen within 30 days of the transaction date and no credits will be applied after 40 days of the end of the promotion.

What happens if I cancel a purchase or want a refund?

You can cancel purchases and get a refund in the usual way that you would directly with the merchant, subject to the merchant’s Terms & Conditions. However, you will not earn a statement credit for any cancelled or refunded purchases. If you cancel a purchase after the statement credit has been issued to your enrolled Mastercard account, we reserve the right to reverse such statement credit from your account.

Is my statement credit immediately credited to my Mastercard account?

When you make an eligible purchase from an eligible merchant, the statement credit will be posted to your enrolled eligible card within approximately five (5) to ten (10) business days of the date of qualifying purchase. However, it may take some time for the value of the award to be credited to your account with the exact timeframe being dependent on your financial institution.

Is there a limit on the number of purchases I can make with each participating merchant or the amount of statement credit I can receive?

There are no limits to the number of purchases you can make, however, there is a limit on the statement credit you can receive per account. The limit is $50 per account for the duration of the program.

What should I do if I don’t want to be part of this program?

If you are not interested in being part of this program, you may remove your card by entering your email address and card number you may have previously used to enroll here.

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*Up to $50 per cardholder. Terms apply. Offer valid 7/7/22-7/17/22 or while supplies last.

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